"Who was involved in the first parliament?"

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The first meeting of Parliament was a significant event in the history of Australia. It was officially opened by the Duke of Cornwall and York—representing King Edward VII—in a grand ceremony at the Exhibition Building in Melbourne on 9 May 1901. There were 12 000 guests along with Australia’s first Governor-General—Lord Hopetoun—and the 111 recently elected senators and members of the House of Representatives.

The Department of the Senate has put together a great online exhibition about the first Australian Parliament. They looked at the biographies of all the first senators and members and found that:

Interestingly, in 1901 there was no Australian citizenship, so all those born in Australia were British subjects. Senators and members born in Britain or a British Dominion (Canada, New Zealand and Ireland) were able to sit in Parliament according to Section 44 of the Australian Constitution. If the members born in Chile and the USA were not British subjects, they were technically ineligible to sit in the Parliament!

diagram to help explain Who was involved in the first parliament?