"Who designed the mace and why did they choose that design?"

Hi, thanks for your question.

The Mace used in the House of Representatives was a gift to the Australian Parliament by the House of Commons and King George VI in 1951. It was made in London by Messrs. Garrard, goldsmiths to the monarchy in England. When designing the mace they consulted the Australian Parliament, who requested that the Australian Mace should resemble the Mace used by the British Parliament, which is also golden and topped with a royal crown.

Our mace was designed to include symbols of Australian history and culture. The head of the mace shows the Australian Coat of Arms, including the kangaroo and the emu. There are also emblems for the six states of Australia. Amongst these emblems are depictions of corn, grain and rams’ heads, which the show the importance of agriculture to Australia’s economy and way of life.

diagram to help explain Who designed the mace and why did they choose that design?