"What would happen if no-one voted at all in the next federal election?"

Thanks for your question, Chris, but it is highly unlikely that no-one will vote at the next federal election.

Under Australian law, it is compulsory for all eligible Australian citizens who are 18 years and over to enrol and vote in federal elections, by-elections and referendums.

The Australian Constitution gives the Australian Parliament the power to make laws about how elections should be run and, in 1924, the Parliament passed a bill—proposed law—which made voting in federal elections compulsory.

However, it is possible that after the election no political party or coalition of parties will have a majority of members elected to the House of Representatives and be able to form government. This situation is referred to as a ‘hung parliament’. A party leader may then be able to demonstrate to the Governor-General that they can form a minority government with the support of independent and/or minor party members.

If no leader is able to demonstrate the support of a majority of members, the Governor-General may have to order another federal election be held.

diagram to help explain What would happen if no-one voted at all in the next federal election?