"What do you have to do to become a politician?"

Thanks for your question, Marty.

In most cases, to become a politician you need to get elected to a parliament or council by convincing people to vote for you.

There are 9 parliaments in Australia—the federal Parliament in Canberra and 1 for each of the 6 states and 2 territories—and over 500 local councils.

Each parliament or council will have its own rules for election, but generally these will include:

There will be an organisation to manage elections which can explain all the requirements. The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) runs federal elections and each state/territory has its own electoral commission to run state/territory and local elections.

To be a politician you normally need to:

It will also help to get elected if you:

You may decide to join a political party—and work with others who have similar views to yours—or you can seek to be elected as an independent.

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