"What are the row of books on the front bench of the house of representatives?"

Hi, thanks for your question.

It is a tradition to have books on the table in the House of Representatives. They are there for members to use while working in the chamber.

The long row of books running between the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition contains laws which the Parliament has passed in previous years.

The books in front of the Clerk and Deputy Clerk are reference books which help the Clerks in their work. These will include the standing orders (the rules for the House of Representatives), House of Representatives Practice (a comprehensive book about the practices and procedures of the House), as well as dictionaries, copies of the Constitution, copies of Hansard and any other books which the Clerks choose to have at the table.

Members of parliament may consult these books at any time, or they may have their own copies. The information in these books is also available online, so members may choose to access this information through laptops or other devices.

diagram to help explain What are the row of books on the front bench of the house of representatives?