"How can you run for election to be a member of parliament? "

Hi Ashtyn, thanks for your question.

If you want to stand for election for the Australian Parliament you need to follow some rules set out by the Australian Constitution, and the Australian Electoral Commission.

Section 44 of the Constitution states that you may not be a member of parliament if you are found guilty of a serious crime, bankrupt, or in a job where you already receive money from the Parliament. You also have to be a citizen of Australia, and not of any other country.

If you want to be a candidate at an election, you would also need to register with the Australian Electoral Commission. They have further rules for candidates, such as a minimum age of 18, an Australian citizenship. For a full list of requirements for candidates you might like to read the Electoral Commission’s list of qualifications for candidates. If you wanted to run as a candidate for a new political party, you would also need to follow the rules outlined in the Party Registration Guide.

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