"Has a senator or a member ever been expelled from Parliament?"

Hi Pixie. Thanks for your question. In the House of Representatives, members are often sent out for an hour, and sometimes they are suspended for a whole day. But only one member of parliament has ever been permanently expelled and it was a long time ago!

In 1920, the Member for Kalgoorlie, Hugh Mahon, was expelled—dismissed—from the House of Representatives for a statement he had made at a public meeting. Mr Mahon was an Irish-Australian and he was speaking about the death of an Irish politician in a British prison. The statement, in which he referred to the British Empire as ‘bloody and accursed’, was considered by some members in the House to be seditious—disloyal.

His seat was declared vacant and Mr Mahon was unsuccessful in the resulting by-election. You can find out more about this topic in this blogpost from the Parliamentary Library.

diagram to help explain Has a senator or a member ever been expelled from Parliament?