"Are members required to table petitions in parliament?"

Thank you for asking about petitionsan important way people can ask the Australian Parliament to take action on a problem.

Petitions can be addressed to either the Senate or House of Representatives. A petition will be accepted as long as it is ‘in order.’ To be in order, a petition must meet the rules, ask Parliament to do something that it has the power to do, contain at least one signature and not use offensive language.

A petition will only be rejected if it doesn’t meet the rules. If this happens, the person who submitted the petition will be told why it was rejected.

In the Senate, petitions are presented by senators. In the House, most petitions are presented by the Chair of the Petitions Committee, although any member can present a petition. 

Get an overview of petitions in the Australian Parliament with this fact sheet. More details on how to prepare a petition to the Senate and how to prepare a petition to the House of Representatives can be found on the Australian Parliament House website.

diagram to help explain Are members required to table petitions in parliament?